Undocumented Immigrants And The United States

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The land of opportunities is also known as the United States, which is a place of freedom when the Gonzales family leaves their home and everything else, to better their conditions. Fifty-eight percent of immigrants migrate to the United States to provide themselves and their children a better life full of freedom and rights never given to them before. The United States provides people with a job and minimum wages which are a major factor for immigrants.
The Gonzales family left behind their home town, culture and their usual everyday routine to be given a second chance in life. Although living in the United States is beneficial, undocumented immigrants live in constant fear of being deported and sent back to where they came from. To apply for residency it is a long lasting process which can last for a long period of years. The Gonzales family works just as hard as any other citizen and they obey all laws, but still is required to wait a long period of time for their residency.
Immigrants make up most of the United States’ population. There are families like the Gonzales families which dream of their children living the life they could never live while growing up. Immigration is what defines the United States as a nation. Even though some Americans argue that immigrants should be sent back to their country. It is not right if they are working and paying taxes. If immigrants can prove documented papers, they should be allowed the same rights, as all other citizens.…
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