Getting At The Roots Of Illegal Immigration Summary

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The presupposition that undocumented immigrants should receive the same rights as American citizens are a categorical truth. Although some advocates against undocumented immigration would argue that they have overpopulated our nation, these romantic critics are too dogmatic in their provincial ideology. Everyone has the human rights and have the authority to enter to the country without being deported. People should know the reasons why immigrants come to America before deporting them. More than 11 million immigrants are undocumented in America and about 800,000 immigrants come to America each year. These immigrants come to America because they want to escape persecution and seek new opportunities. Set in the early part of the 17th century, Pilgrims fled religious persecution in Europe illustrating how undocumented immigrants deserve equal rights as American citizens. Pilgrims came to America for religious freedoms because they did not want to convert themselves to another religion they did not have a faith in. Similarly, immigrants had financial issues in their country, the article by the staff stated, “A larger share of immigrants came to America seeking economic opportunities” ( Staff). Immigrants were looking for various job opportunities that were offered in the United States because they needed the money to support themselves and their family. Additionally, the article, “Getting at the Roots of Illegal Immigration” by George P.

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