Unemployment Effects On Society

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Unemployment has not only been a bump in the road for the United States, but also for countries like Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and more. Unemployment not only effects the individual, but also the society and country as a whole. The moment an individual loses their job there is an immediate impact on their day to day life. Those impacts include loss of income, which leads to situations like less groceries able to be bought, and bills not able to be paid. For unemployment to be less of a burden to people, the hiring rates and wages need to soon increase tremendously. The average saving rates have decreased to as little as 1%. When an individual becomes unemployed, they are only a few weeks away from being in a serious financial crisis. Unemployment benefits and many other government assistance replace up to 50% of an individual’s income, sometimes even less. Overly extended unemployment can lead an individual into changing their plans for the future. Also, extended unemployment can lead to great leeriness of the individual for the value of education and training, leading individuals being less willing to invest their time into long hours of training for the workplace. Lack of income can cause some families to not have the money to get their children the education that they need. When it comes to the effects of unemployment to the society, the way people communicate and interact with each other changes, along with crime rates increasing. Higher crime

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