Unifying Themes Of The Bible

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I believe that the unifying theme of the Bible is salvation. This theme can not just be seen bringing people together all throughout the bible, but it also can be seen bringing people together in modern times. I will be picking examples from all five sections of the bible that both show unification and how it is related to the theme of salvation. Besides giving examples, I will also be explaining my reasoning behind choosing these examples and how I beleive they fit well with what I am trying to prove. We will first start with the Torah, and for this section we will be looking into the book of Exodus where Moses leads the people of future Israel into the promised land. Then, we will look into the book of Isaiah in which we will review The Suffering…show more content…
We don't know much about the suffering servant except that he was a man whom no one wanted to be around with. What we really don't know is exactly who he is. Personally, I, along with many other people, believe that he is the Messiah. In Isaiah 53:4-5, we read, "Yet it was our pain that he bore, our sufferings he endured... He bore the punishments that make us whole, by his wounds we were healed." I believe that this passage shows how the suffering servant is mistreated for the way we immorally act, as well as by the sins we commit. After reading this I came to believe that this man, whose name nobodies definitely knows, gave up everything in order to save us. I now think that this is how we should act towards others. We don't necessarily have to give up our lives, but we should be able to give up smaller things, like missing out on a new tv episode, or playing games for a shorter amount of time, in order to help someone. An example of this would be me seeing my dad outside mowing the lawn, I'm not doing anything important so I decide to put down my controller go outside to help…show more content…
In this part of the bible, we start reading letters that Paul sends out to different groups of people. We read about the problems that Christians had and what Paul would believe was the best solutions for their complications. Of the letters that he wrote, I would like to talk about the one he sent to the Romans. In this letter he is explaining the fundamentals of the Christian faith. He is doing this since the Romans weren't too familiar with Christianity. I would like to talk about the passage of Romans 10:9 and 12. In passage nine Paul explains that if you truly believe that Jesus is Lord and that he was risen by God, that you will be saved. What interest was passage twelve where we read, “For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek; for the same Lord is Lord of all, bestowing his riches on all who call on him.” He is telling us that if you believe what I mentioned before, God doesn't care who you are, we are all the same to God. This unifies both parties in the way that they will both be saved if they truly believe within their
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