Unit 21: P3, M2, D1 Essay

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Unit 21: task 3: P3, M2, D1 In this assignment I will be choosing and describing a service user for my case study and I’m going to explain how some factors such as medical disorders, life style and many more may have influenced their dietary intake. Due to the data protection I will not be using their real name. Service user’s history Aisha Ismail is 35 years old. She is a British African and has been brought up by her grandmother and now she’s living with her husband and 3 children. She is a Muslim and lives in New Parks Leicester. Aisha’s a wife and a house wife. She is not able to go to work due to her sickle cell disorder. Aisha was diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes. This was due to her unhealthy diets of junk…show more content…
This would be a benefit to Aisha as she would not want to make her condition worse and face death, so she will start taking control over her weight. This would benefit Aisha as she would have to cut down on the unhealthy food and therefore have a better balanced diet and better lifestyle as cutting down on unhealthy food would help to minimise the risk to her health. D1: For the recommendation, Aisha totally needs to cut down on the sugary, salty and fatty food that she eats. To be able to reduce the negative effect of her health, first of all she would need to cut down on the amount of sugar she has in her tea. I would recommend her to cut down from 3 to 1 and a half and maybe use semi skimmed milk. This will be able to reduce the sugar and fat intake she has. For her toasts, she could try and use margarine as it has less fat than butter or have plain toast to reduce the fat intake. If Aisha finds it hard to reduce/ cut down her sugar and fatty intake, I would recommend her to get help and advice from specialised people who work with service users who have diabetes. This might include visiting a clinic and asking questions about what food to eat and which ones to avoid in order for him to have a better health. I would recommend Aisha to also reduce her snacking habits of snacks such as cakes and
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