Unit 3 Assignment 1 Compare And Contrast Art Style

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So I will start with some pictures of us two. That’s me on the right and Danny on the left.

The Great swirl aka The Meeting A saying, that has become my motto, I think represent my general perspective: “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst”. That is what I did before the first meeting. I was not prepared though for how similar and compatible the two of us would be. The meeting of our two art styles was exceptional. To give a bit more background on that: during and after high school I had several jobs, by far my favorite was the two and a half years I spent creating online content, which involved a combination between writing, storytelling, ambient music and audio/video streaming. Danny is made out of the same clay as I am, he has skills within the realm of painting, music, woodworks and even photography. Our style are
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Now it was Danny’s job to continue on and bring in the art, I continued with setting up the ambient music and thinking what could further improve the text. We both had a hand in setting the foundation of this house, then we both went off and built the particular bits we were best suited for. This collaboration process did not come naturally, usually there is this instinct to reign in the project into your direction, similar to what I heard from a lot of my colleagues that their view differed from that of their artist and they never really collaborated. Each fighting the other for artistic control. It is not for me to say if their collaborations failed or succeeded, what I do know is that myself and Danny both talked about this and reached the conclusion that the only way this would work is if we did it together and set a common goal, rather than each having different ones. We drew the plan of the house together and started to work on it only after we had both agreed on how each room should be
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