Unit 4 Learning Journal Essay

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Learning Journal
Unit 4
By Camille Telesford

6th July, 2017
Unit 4 work
Day 1 experience
Today, I went through the learning Guide of this course to identify what is needed to be done. After which, I began reading chapter four of the textbook but had some challenges there.
7th July, 2017
Unit 4 work
Day 2 experience
I continued reading chapter four to get a better understanding of the topic. Moreover, I began my first draft for the assignment which I also had some challenges with again.
8th July, 2017
Unit 4 work
Day 3 experience
Today, I review the chapter as well as Math1280 notes and tried all the exercises there to fully grasp the topic. Additionally, I have assessed my peers in the respective areas and did the supplementary quiz.
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More so, I continued with the assignment.
11th July, 2017
Unit 4 work
Day 6 experience
Today, I have completed the assignment after an extensive period of trying to understand the question fully.
12th July, 2017
Unit 4 work
Day 7 experience
I have completed my learning Journal and discussion. Also, I read over my work. After, I have dispatched all my work to their respective areas.

2. Vocabulary and R functions
a) The symbol x-bar represents the mean of a sample.
b) The Greek letter mu (μ) as it was used in this week's lessons represent the population mean.
c) The difference between x-bar and mu is that the x- bar shows the mean of the data that is calculated from the values that appear in the sample whereas with mu, the mean of the data is calculated from all the values in the population.
3. Mean
Value 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Probability 0.1
2 0.1
3 0.1
4 0.2
5 0.1
6 0.1
2 0.0

The other method of calculating the mean of a sample data by using the value and probability is by taking the weighted sum and extending it over each single value so each value is multiplied by their respective probability and then summed up these values to obtain the mean. The outcome from R code is as

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