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The biggest problem that Dalman and Lei face is the sense of urgency regarding their technological advancement. Dalman and Lei are under a lot of pressure to adopt this new technology and implement it in a very limited amount of time. The increase in customers has left Sandwich Blitz almost crippled. Their employees are unable to properly fulfill all of the orders coming in which in turn is reflecting negatively upon their business. All of the errors that are being made will eventually run their business into the ground. Customers have come to expect a quality product and a great service experience. Without these two things, customers will no longer choose to visit Sandwich Blitz.

The other area of concern is the amount of support
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The way we used to service our customers was creating far too many mistakes and frustration. We intend to bring harmony back to our restaurants by allowing the customers to input their own orders into our new system. By placing the responsibility in the customer’s hands, our employees will be able to focus more on the preparation of the food. This will alleviate many of the errors currently being made which in turn will bring down the stress level within the work environment. We are preparing for there to be a learning curve and possibly some confusion. A training program is already being created. This program will allow our employees to ease into the new system without a huge transitional period.

We have already begun formulating a team that will lead the implementation process from beginning to end. We have selected a few men and women from all levels of our management group that have proven to be strong assets to this company thus far in their careers. We are still looking to fill two more spots on our support and technical teams. If you feel your skill set and experience would prove to be powerful tools in helping to bring about this exciting change in our company, please contact Mindy Sanchez in Human Resources to schedule an interview.

We at Sandwich Blitz, Inc. are very excited about the progression of our

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