Unit20248 Assignment 1

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COIT20248: Information Systems Analysis and Design

Term2, 2015
Assignment 1 - Systems Development

Lecturer: Akella Gopi
Tutor: Kayesh

Prepared by:
Darshitkumar Patel s0275395

1.Introduction 2
2.Approach to Systems Development 2
3. Systems Requirements 3
4. Project Cost Benefit Analysis 5
5. Project Schedule 7
6. System Information Requirement Investigation Techniques 9
7.Reflections and Conclusions 11
8.References 12


The aim of this system analysis report is to provide an automated Book information system which has proper information in a relevant style; to which they show on their current system and to present the proper information for an intended automated information system.
There are 5 major tasks …show more content…

As there are many approaches for development for a medium sized company like Broadway bookshop, SDLC (System development life cycle) is preferably the best method should to be adapted development.

The systems development life cycle is a conceptual model which is used in project management that is explains the stages one by one development project, from starting to complete the application.
In general SDLC Methodology following these steps to make an automated bookshop system:
1) The existing system which is manually so it is been evaluated. Even all the Deficiencies are identified. It is done by interview with the users of system and by consulting with them.
2) And it is defined the new requirement for the system even the deficiencies are addressed with specific proposal for improvement.
3) Then proposed system is been designed. Plans are prepared concerning with the physical construction, hardware, operating systems, and

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