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Case Study Assignment – United Products, Inc.
Assaf Aharon Madar
Coleman University

The study case of united products, Inc. is a great platform to demonstrate many perspectives. In this case study assignment we will focus on the way the company manager, George Brown, chooses to build his company structure, his management philosophy motives for making the company to become successful and planning processes policy in United Products, Inc. (Gareth, 2013)
United Products, Inc. was founded by George brown's Father in 1941 and engaged in the sales and service of basic supply items for shipping and receiving, production and packaging, research and development, and office and warehouse departments. On 1967, before his retirement, the elder
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(Bird, Newman, Page, Rose, Mariani, 2012)
While counting the strong and weakness points of George Brown, as a business manager/owner, it is easy to see that the main strong points are expressed by decentralizing the operational responsibilities to his general manager, which allows him to focus on planning ahead for the company. In addition, Brown's, is well known in his aspiration to make his business into a good place for his employees which is friendly place to work in and indeed his colleague testimonials approved it. (Mary, 2011)
In the other hand, Brown's weakness points in management starts with his lack of motivation to allows the company's growth because of the fact he wasn’t prepared to invest his time in a growing company considering the fact the company is 20 percent growing every year. Another problem of Brown's decision is the fact he is not making a separation of duties, which means even though the company keeps growing about 20 percent every year, he is still letting his general manager to act as a sales manager and training specialist in addition. Moreover, Brown declares he keep noticing that the planning process is becoming more and more demanding and appears to be his main time consumer and therefore his planning process policy advocates for making a single year forecasting, and no more. (Gareth, 2013)
In a case of a growing company, Brown may need to adopt a divisional form of organization. He probably should use

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