Four Main Functions of Management Essay

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In today’s ever changing economy, society’s idea of management is becoming increasingly more difficult to sustain with the continuous demands of the position. A successful manager must have a certain level of expertise and problem solving techniques to carry out the daily tasks required. Over the years, there have been various ideas on what management is, such as planning, organizing, leading and controlling. For managers to be successful they have to be able to plan accordingly. Any good manager can understand the importance of planning, because it is one of the most basic functions of managerial skills. A goal has to be established and strategies have to be conveyed to the subordinates. For example, If I’m a manager I will engage …show more content…

Having effective leadership not only inspires employees to reach their highest potential, but furthermore it is a good confidence builder. For instance, I live by certain leadership principles of knowing myself and seeking self-improvement, being proficient at my job, making informed decisions, leading by example, motivating my subordinates and keeping my subordinates current on any potential changes. My responsibility is to provide guidance and mentorship to motivate them to be the best they can be. Controls are measuring sticks to see if the desired goals are being met. Successful managers create parameters for their employees and implement controls within a criteria to confirm if the job is being done to standard. Case in point, I give quarterly performance counseling’s to each subordinate in my department on performance, being efficient at the job and using problem solving techniques. Controls to an extent border along the lines of micromanaging, but it can also be used to emphasize how well the subordinate is doing too. All quarterly counseling’s are not corrective in nature, but it is a great assessment tool for exceptional job performance as well. The usage of controls is part of my responsibility as a supervisor to ensure the goals are being achieved to standard. Managers are expected to do a multitude of things. A manager has to be a visionary and adaptive to meet the current demands of what is required of them at all level

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