United States Of The Gulf Cooperation Council ( Gcc )

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Qatar and other states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) repeatedly face international critique regarding their treatment of migrant workers in construction and household services. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and international organizations (IOs) are reporting abusive and unsafe working and living conditions while simultaneously trying to influence and mediate between Gulf Council Cooperation (GCC) governments, migrant workers, and civil society. GCC governments are attempting to implement labor policies to promote the hiring of local workers; this would reduce the supply of foreign labor, and possibly ensure adequate treatment of local workers.
This reformation is dependent on the role of international government and non-governmental agencies, and the possibility for these agencies to change local policies. This is taken in the context of growing global and local awareness about migrant workers and fundamental human rights abuses, including the human trafficking and forced labor currently occurring within Qatar’s migrant worker population.
International migration today is closely associated with state sovereignty. States would engage in international cooperation through a wide range of transnational issues, but when it comes to immigrants and refugees, nation states claim that the sovereign right to control one’s own boarders to be the primary responsibility (Sasson 1996). Even if cooperation were recognized as useful or necessary, in properly managing
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