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Age: 17 Time zone: EST Country: United Stats Of America How many hours a day can you put into the server?: I can put around 6-10 hours a day into the server :). I am getting a job soon but i will manage to do both. Any previous punishments on the server?: I was banned for chargeback but im paying all the money back on sotw. Why should you become staff on HCNations: I think i can make HCNations a better place by getting rid of all the hackers and punishing all the toxic/spamming players. i do not tolerate any racism a all not even if your staff because its your duty to show respect to players and for players to show respect to you as a staff member. I feel that if someone hacks it just spoils other peoples game experience, so they …show more content…

Pulse i was [T-Mod] (HCF - Kitmap) Pulse had a toxic staff team that is the reason i resigned. i also quit playing the server because of the toxic owner and toxic famous ranks in game, they had some really rude famous ranked people on their server that were extremely rude. Serine - I was [Admin] (Practice server) Serine had a nice staff team that was loyal and was to lazy to etb and they were always helpful when i was t-mod.I helped out alot thats the reason i got promoted so fast to admin in the 3months i was with them :). Kheth - I was [Plat-Admin] (Practice server) Kheth was a new server at the time and still is to this day i just resigned to apply on here :). i was only with Kheth for about 2 weeks after that i apply'd on here :). VeltPvp - I was [T-Mod] (HCF Network) i was staff for a day then was demoted for reasons i still dont know, but i had a great time there and helped over 1000 people in teamspeak and in game. PulsePvP - I was [T-Mod] (HCF Network) I was staff on pulse till the very end and i was friends with all the staff members and we all got along #RipPulse. There are to many to list but these are a few :). Do you have any experience in screensharing (Detailed): I am decent at screensharing i wouldnt say im the best. But i can find a lot of stuff such as paid autoclickers, some ghost client, and

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