Universal Definitions For Good And Bad Essay

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A lucid definition is necessary to establish a basis for understanding. When a person recognizes their lack of understanding for a word or phrase, the common solution is to consult a dictionary. A proper definition is defined as “the condition of being definite, distinct, or clearly outlined.” In order for a definition to be relevant, it must also be universal. This means “of, affecting or done by all people or things in the world or in a particular group; applicable to all cases.” Now, in cases of good and bad, the definitions for these words must apply to every nation, culture, sex, race, etc. Universal definitions for good and bad cannot be sustained due to differing perspectives. Many instances arise where an exact person, event, or situation can be defined as good or bad depending on perspective. These perspectives are easily distinguished in theatrical scripts and performances; therefore, I will examine instances in Hearts Like Fists, The Nether, and Universal Robots. Historically, there have been various attempts to justify the killing of human beings. Doctor X, in Adam Szymkowicz’s Hearts Like Fists, symbolizes all the poor justifications for killing. “Shh. You won’t feel a thing. You would thank me if you could. […] ‘Thank you,’ you would say, ‘for killing me now while I’m happy.’ ‘Later,’ you will tell me, ‘ Later my lover will disappoint me. Will leave me or trap me or make me wish I were dead, so thank you for killing me now and making permanent this moment of

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