Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ( Uav )

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Introduction – History Drones are considered to be pilotless flying devices, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). They come in all different sizes and shapes. Some are visible in the skies, while others are so small that they cannot be seen. According to (Henriques, 2014), there are different types of drones. To name a few, they include quadcopters, microdrones, killer drones, and radio control airplanes. Quadcopters usually have between 4 to 8 blades. Microdrones are as tiny as an insect making them not too noticeable. Killer drones are used mainly in military to seek their target. Radio control airplanes are a common type of drone usually flown by hobbyists on civilian grounds. Prices range from being very affordable to expensive, depending on the feature that each drone is presented with. Drones have been around longer than many of us are aware. The first recorded drone to be used was in 1849 by Austrians, where they had built into a balloon carrying bombs (cite history). Fast forwarding to present centuries, many drones are now built in some form of airplane model. As we live in the near future, drones are now being used outside of military and government related purposes. Today, drones are being flown by individual civilians who enjoy building them, as it is a hobby for some. Drones are not new if we research on its history, but it is a new technology rising within the business world today. It is becoming very popular for commercial usage in the United

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