Unreached People Group Essay

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Arabized – Berbers of Morocco

Keith Travis
Global Studies Survey
GLST 500
Dr. Stephen Parks
April 9, 2013

Table of Contents
Survey of Missions Work9 Challenges9 Status of the church10 Current Strategies11
Proposed Strategy13
Gaining Access13 Prayer14 Tent Making Skills15 Bonding & Partnerships16 Support17

UnReached People Group Project


It has been said that worship is the core or center of mission. The ultimate goal of any missionary is to bring people (entire people groups) into a passionate, relationship with God. John Piper states, …show more content…

Morocco is a country that is not an “open country” to various religions aside from Islam, despite what their Constitution and leading politicians claim. Furthermore, Morocco is currently 0.01% evangelized overall. It is in desperate need of evangelism. There are over 13 million people in Morocco that need to hear about Jesus Christ. That would be the equivalent of all of Illinois and Vermont being completely unreached. This paper will attempt to outline a strategy of beginning a church planting movement that reaches the rural Arab, Moroccan’s and more specifically, the Arabized-Berber ethnic group that are primarily farmers and small villagers, through practical means of farming techniques and livestock care that will establish relationships. In order to accomplish this, this paper will first attempt to give a brief background of the Arabized-Berbers by highlighting their history, culture, language and religion. Second, this paper will survey the work of current missionaries among them that explores the history of missions, the status of the church today and the strategies being employed. Finally, this paper will offer a proposal for a strategy to reach the Arabized-Berbers that involves prayer, financial support, partnering with indigenous churches, believers and other organizations and tent making skills that encourage self-support.
History Around 788

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