Mission Theology Of The Bible

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To understand “Mission Theology” we first have separate the two words. Mission is the vocation or calling of a religion organization, especially a Christian one, to go out into the world and spread its faith (Oxford Dictionaries). Theology is the study of God or the study of the nature of God and the relationship between the human and divine. In the textbook we use for class which is called “Introducing World Missions” we are told that the word “missions” (which ending with the letter “s”) is the word that is used to explain “the particular assignment of making disciples of all nations.” We have to understand that the word “mission” refers to everything the church does that indicates concerning the Kingdom of God. Mission Theology is known as God’s relationship in mission and how he develops his creation.
Biblical Text Related to Mission
The bible states a lot about mission and missions. We begin with Genesis missions have not changed throughout the history of the bible. God were the first one to speak in the bible. He had a mission when he spoke. God had a mission when he acted on something. Later, God had a mission when he sends something or somebody. Both Old and New Testament includes text that relates to God mission to extend salvation to the whole world.
Old Testament
Walter C. Kaiser the author of chapter two in the book named “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement” this section includes the Christian period of the call and promise (Winter,

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