Unusual Behavior In The Psychology Of Spongebob

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First of all, Spongebob displays lots of unusual behavior which is a classification of abnormal psychology. Unusual behaviors are any uncommon behavior or mental processing. Unusual behaviors are behaviors that minorities. Spongebob exhibits unusual behavior because he lives in a pineapple under the sea. Nobody else in town lives in a pineapple because everybody else usually lives in metal buildings. Living in a pineapple is a minority in Bikini Bottom, thus making it an unusual behavior. Spongebob also exhibits unusual behavior when he raises a baby calm. Spongebob takes in this orphan of a baby calm and raises it as his own baby. This is an unusual behavior because nobody else in town raises calms as babies. This behavior of Spongebob raising a calm as his baby is a minority, proving that Spongebob displays unusual behavior. Spongebob also shows unusual behavior when he goes to Goofy Goober restaurant with Patrick. The Goofy Goober is a restaurant that is meant for little kids and their parents. This behavior is unusual because it is uncommon for adults to go to the Goofy Goober without kids.
In addition, Spongebob exhibits lots of behaviors that display a faulty perception of reality, a classification of abnormal psychology. Faulty perception of reality is when a person experiences hallucination, which is when someone hears or sees things that are not there. Faulty perception of reality is also when a person has ideas of persecution, extreme paranoia. Spongebob shows a

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