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7 Upcoming Movies That Are Worth a Peek

Compared with tons of movies that are action-packed, this year is no different. As with an army setting, this time it goes way beyond real life: it extends to science fiction, animation, and an advanced lookout with science. With so many Hollywood movies to be released, which among them could be interesting to watch? Here I compiled my own list, which of course may be entirely different to another. Here I present my views on the following, from its trailers and info gathered.

7 Sci-Fi series – Transformers 4: Age of Extinction
Let’s start off with a hit movie series, Transformers. Set 4 years after the previous movie, this is the time when the Transformers are no longer needed, or more so, felt the need to wipe them out. Then all the while, Optimus Prime was found by a struggling inventor. By that the latter convinces Optimus Prime that he can still do something for mankind. This also featured the newest kind of Transformers, the Dinobots, with Grimlock featured in the trailer as a T-Rex. We can never be sure what kind of roles they will play, so if one wants to find out first is to go see the movie for itself.

6 Romance – The Fault in Our Stars
Following tons of previous books turned into movies, like the “The Wolf of Wall Street”, “Hunger Games” trilogy and the more related to romance genre “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”. This seems to be quite faithful to the book, though we’ll have to see. On a lighter note, I do agree

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