Upgrading Computer Equipment in a Management Setting

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Upgrading Computer Equipment in a Management Setting Name Institution Professor Course Date Introduction Background Technology is an evitable change that cannot be averted. It is changing every bit of the world's development and hence it should be adopted by every person irrespective of place and role in universal development. Organizations are obliged to upgrade their equipment to fit into efficient and high quality production of their operations. Most upgrades are done to IT equipment, machinery and infrastructure. Purpose Following the progressive changes and in achieving high quality operations in my organization, the management has considered upgrading its IT equipment, especially the computers. Several methods of upgrading have been proposed such as leasing the old equipment of purchasing whole new sets of equipment. Thesis From my quasi-analysis, it is recommendable for my organization to consider leasing its older equipment rather than purchasing, as it is more advantageous. Discussion Argument Controversial information is given to business entities concerning leasing and purchase, however, leasing of equipment is more advantageous than purchasing rather new equipment. Facts Leasing is letting off money or equipment, through contractual basis amid the funder (leaser) and the customers. It provides an organization or individual with a substitute mode of business funding. Purchasing is the business action of acquiring goods or services in
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