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Everyone carries their phone with them, but others carry a bag containing other items. Im one of those people, I carry my small blue backpack with enamel pins decorating the outside. It carries seven of my keychains on it all different kinds. Each pin carries a key figure in my life mainly my influences, whether it's from a tv show or even a saying. Within my backpack I put everything in an order from what I use most to least,inside the bag it carries my phone, wallet , nintendo 3ds, and chargers obviously used the most. My happy uplifting thoughts are carried by my 3ds and within the coding contained on my save files. Friends I made over these games are carried in here Everything needed to go about and stay connected to my family and friends effectively, and within my wallet contains my …show more content…

I have headphones already in the front pocket ready to go if I feel like I need to leave the moment and go into my own happy place no matter where I am. Lighters a bit down incase i ever need to set a fire obviously not the case 100% of the time but you never know. I carry with me broken pencil sharpeners from when I couldn't find my hiding places in the cities, they are at the very bottom of my tiny blue backpack along with my bad thoughts; when i'm at my low and didn't have anywhere to go to oor headphones to create a distraction from negativity creeping in my thoughts I relied on these heavily. With these they carry the guilt I have for ever thinking they were helpful for me, they carry my mother's cries when I finally owned up to carrying the scars on my body from them, and they carry my starting point to where I am now. Each item I carry has its own weight to carry, I associate each item not with its use but by what makes my happiest and who I am as a

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