Ups Stock Reflection

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In Economics, many people study how the market works and the individual companies and firms within it. Every firm works in their own way in order to try to survive and strive in the market. In addition to this, companies supply various products to the consumer for them to purchase and make a profit off of. Every company has their own price for their product and competition plays a major role in every separate one. In our project, one was to invest money into different corporations and compete with other classmates. Also, each student was given the exact amount of money to use and could invest it however they wanted. A date was given and the students were to compete and see who would make the most profit off their investments. After doing…show more content…
The corporation of UPS also operates in the delivery industry and is a major company. Similar to FedEx, they also package and deliver products from one place to another. Furthermore, UPS has been in the news plenty of times. One example is in August, UPS said they had a goal to drive 1 billion miles with their alternative fuel and advanced technology fleet. Aside from all other stocks, I was very interested in the UPS stock. While researching, I read about UPS being the number one packing and delivery company and also takes part in providing supply chain management solutions. On the other hand, the price of the UPS stock was 116.20 USD. Moreover, their corporation provides a preferred stock to customers. The reason for buying the number of shares I did was simple. If we thought the company was going to have a positive outlook in the near future, we bought more stocks. Also, I did sell some of my UPS stocks when they stocks were very high for them. I did this because we needed to make more money than the competing teams and it allowed us to make some great profit. UPS is an extremely good investment and I highly recommend them. Overall, they did not hurt us during the Stock Game and improved our final
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