Urban Legends Research Paper

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The Adaptation of Urban Legends and Folklore to Education Urban Legends, conspiracy theories, and ghost stories stem from the fears of society. The fictional, yet fact-based stories should be taught in the K-12 curriculum. It is better to learn about the fear society holds and see what comforts their minds, rather than refuting the impossible. Though based on “pseudoscience”, it is important to show students to think for themselves. It’s the student's jobs to choose what beliefs to live by. Psychology plays a huge part in conspiracy theories and urban legends. As mentioned above, the fears of society alter and manipulate stories into what the subconscious sees. In the article, “Conspiracy Theories: Why we believe the unbelievable,” the author, Michael Shermer states, “There are …show more content…

Students will be researching numerous studies and gaining knowledge. Students will get a full worldview. Children wouldn’t be closed off the world around them. Critics may refute claims that the students will be expanding their psychological knowledge and their schema because such theories and legends are based on false science, but they don’t see that learning of such things makes independent learners. Students would learn why urban legends and conspiracies are so popular. Children would learn background and history. In the article, “Folklore Today: Urban Legends,” by Shirley Brinkerhoff, two urban legends are retold, with origin and background. A professor stated his opinion on folklore, the article read, “...and what strikes me as perhaps the most outstanding feature is the creativity, imagination, and virtuosity brought to a performance by all kinds of people… (Shirley 6).” Folklore can be created by anybody, those with and without education and those young and old. For students to learn where folklore began and where it is still going is an incredible inclusion to

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