Urban Regeneration And Urban Development

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This dissertation is influenced by the ongoing urban regeneration and urban developments in many of the major cities in India, especially in city of Pune, and its adverse effects on the city townscapes and place identities. City of Pune has a rich education legacy and has been often referred as the ‘Oxford of the East’, a legacy which came into prominence on the establishment of the University of Pune in the year 1949 (Hindustan Times, 2012). The city truly justified itself as the cultural capital of Maharashtra with its strong connections with the work of arts, music, theater and literature (Hindustan Times, 2012). Pune, being an educational hub of India by having one of the India’s oldest University (Maharashtra Tourism, 2013), has now been transformed into a major manufacture and production hub as well as has improved in educational sectors like research institutes for information technology, management, architecture and engineering that attract students and professionals internationally (SCHEMCON, 2015).

With the inception of international influences and urban planning techniques, it has been realized that the old heritage and culture, the core Pune identity is slowly been taking a blow. The urbanization has been transforming the urban townscapes of Pune into completely new dimensions thus hampering the glorious heritage and cultural identity for which the city of Pune is known for. The following research will highlight the importance of preserving and

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