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Uruguay is a fantastic country. Being just south of Brazil, it has lots of grassland and is a pretty small country. This country is just below Brazil's southern borders. “But its land is rich in agricultural bounty, with rolling pastures that support cattle, sheep, and crops,” (Behnke, 4). The country has a stellar physical geography, humid climate, thriving economy, national type of government, unique culture, and multiple fun facts. Uruguay has a stellar physical geography with many land and water features. Uruguay is a fairly small country at only 68,000 square miles. This country is split into three main parts, the Western Lowlands, the Central Plateau, and the Coastal Plain. The Central Plateau has two cuchillas or granite landforms. …show more content…

The Uruguayans main language is Spanish. Uruguay is mostly christian, but the people there have the freedom to choose their religion. Some people honor Lenanya, or the goddess of the sea. The people here love music, folk music being their favorite. Uruguayans also enjoy arts and crafts, such as pottery and painting. In other words there are many different puzzle pieces in the culture of Uruguay. Some parts of Uruguay you can't quite categorize, so here are some fun facts. Uruguay's real name is The Eastern Republic of Uruguay. Three quarters of Uruguay is grassland which is about 58,000 square miles. In 2013 this country was the first one to legalize the use and trade of marijuana. Since the country is mostly grassland and livestock is a big part of the economy there are 3 cows for every 1 person. In total there are many fun facts and these are only a few. All in all Uruguay has many great features. Some features are its national government, humid climate, stunning landscape, great economy, unique culture and fun facts. Even though this country is mostly grassland, at least they have a good economy. Well, if there are 3 cows for every one person you would have a pretty good

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