Usa Olympic Uniform Controversy

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Jaleesa Wynn MGMT 3720 Assignment #2 Work Motivation “Magic Eye, Inc” is a case study about a company that specializes in computerized special effects. This company is made up of majority of computer programmers. Paul Reed, vice president of Magic Eye, Inc is an engineer hired aboard several individuals who share similar backgrounds and works young programmers in developing their expertise. However, Paul is disappointed in the potential level of performance by his colleagues and because the programmers are essential to this business, the performance of this company will not increase if the programmers do not do their part. With the lack of motivation of his employees, Paul came up with a…show more content…
Expectancy is the belief that increase of effort can result in the increase of one’s performance. This can include the by having the right skills to do the job. With Jeannine technical capabilities and experience with handling software’s and hardware’s, she acquired since her CEGEP, she believes she is good at what she does. Instrumentality is describes as believing of an individual’s performance will value in outcome at the end. This is affected trust in an individual to get the job done. With Jeanine supervisor micromanaging her and being told what to do on his requests, lacks the confidence he believes Jeannine does not have. However it doesn’t give Jeannine a chance to prove her skills to her supervisor because of their behavior towards her. Valence is the importance of ones values, needs or goals that is being place upon expected outcome. Even though Jeannine feels like she haven’t reached her level of potential in her competencies, she does not believe she ever needed help in figuring what and how she needs to do her job, but through her personal goal setting, her desire to continue to perform exceptional work. Vroom’s expectancy theory can conclude that it works on perceptions. Although an employer believes that they provided sufficient benefits that are appropriate for motivation, doesn’t mean that it won’t be perceived that is doesn’t work for them. As stated before in Vroom's theory, performance is

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