Usb Stick Seized During The Police Arrest Operation

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Contents 0 Introduction 2 Analysis Of USB Stick 2 Information Security Goals 2 Threats 2 Vulnerabilities 3 Attacks 3 Tools And Techniques Used To Recover Passwords 4 Outline 6 Conclusion 7 References 7 Introduction This is a report on my findings of the USB stick seized during the police arrest operation. Starting with a security analysis of the USB stick by defining the security goals that are trying to be achieved, the report then focuses on the tools and techniques used to recover passwords. Finally a detailed outline will be given on the steps necessary to recover the password to access the file. Analysis Of USB Stick The analysis of the USB stick will provide information on the security goals that were trying to …show more content…

In this case the suspect has to ensure that no one other than themself or anyone else that may be authorised to do so can alter the data. Also if the USB was intended for someone else and they knew the password to the folder they would know that the USB came from its intended source and not from someone else. Availability refers to the readiness of the data because if the data within the folder/USB wasn’t available when it was needed it might as well not exist. The suspect had the data on a portable USB so therefore made it very much so available when he needed it; all that was needed to access it was the password. To increase the availability of the data on the USB, back-ups can be made in case the USB becomes unreadable or lost. (1) Threats Due to the fact that USB’s can be plugged in anywhere they can easily pick up a piece of malware. Worst case the malware could be a virus that could wipe all of your data, making it unrecoverable. If the USB stick is inserted in to a PC with no or poor security then the data on the stick could easily be read or changed by a cracker/hacker who is already eavesdropping on the network. Spyware could easily find its way onto any USB storage device which is a major threat to data confidentiality, the spyware could allow an individual to read all the data on the USB stick every time it is connected to a computer which in turn could infect every

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