Use Of Antidepressant Medication Ads As A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Group At The Local Health Clinic

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A lot of the direct-to-consumer advertisement research uses antidepressant medication ads as their variable of choice since that is the medication most advertised on both television and in print. However, there are very few advertisements for non-medication based intervention even though it has been show to be just as effective in the treatment of depression. This is because the companies that provide these interventions do not have the budget that the pharmaceutical companies possess. If given the money to create an advertisement to highlight integrated care, psychoeducation, and the role of the social worker, a cognitive behavioral therapy group focused on depression would be the intervention and diagnoses the campaign would promote. If successful, then the campaign would be branched out to other diagnosis.
The advertisement to promote a cognitive behavioral therapy group at the local health clinic (Appendix A) would focus on the time limited nature of the treatment as well as the symptoms that could be addressed. The advertisement would be targeted toward individuals between the ages of 18 and 45 who have been diagnosed with or have symptoms of depression. The major symptoms of depression, sadness, emptiness, hopelessness, and troubles sleeping (APA, 2013), are displayed prominently to attract those who have never sought out mental health treatment before, but recognizes those symptoms in themselves. Having the diagnosis of depression would not be a requirement to join

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