Use Of Factual Primary Sources For Bullying And What I Learned From It

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For many years bullying has seemed to become a norm for people from all backgrounds and lifestyles within society. The unique thing about bullying is that at times it may occur amongst people that are closest to the victims. Such as, family members, friends, co-workers, or from other known and sometimes unknown assailants. There is no definitive way to pinpoint what makes bullying occur or how it will affect an individual. Because everyone has different tolerance levels and may find alternate ways to cope with bullying whether negative or positive. The purpose of this expository paper is to use factual primary sources to identify how real life bullying experiences can affect a persons life, this is based on real life experiences. I will clarify how these sources are relevant to bullying and what I learned from it. In addition I will explain what valuable information I learned from my primary sources that I didn 't from my secondary sources. There many people who have given there account on bullying experiences. Some of their accounts are pretty disturbing and will make you wonder what makes an individual or group of people harass and bullying someone else. Is there really anything someone can say to justify these actions? no there isn 't. What can be said is that bullying has become a social problem that public-figures now are resorting to using their social status and influence to bring attention to this controversial topic. Many of these public-figures tell tales

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