Use Of Power And Rationality On Strategic Decisions

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Strategy is a crucial element in the context of an organisation’s or firm’s mission. The question is to what extent is strategy influenced by power and rationality and how does the strategic decision-making come into play when deciding about long run strategy-making.
In the following, I will apply strategy models and theories to the scenarios of the film ‘Apollo 13’ (1995) in order to evaluate how the strategy-making is affected by strategic decisions and vice versa. Therefore, I will consider the influence of power and rationality on strategic decisions in relation to the resulting outcome. To start with, I will analyse the scenario planning process, its relation to risk management and the resulting issue of recursive and adaptive strategy procedures. Finally, I will then enlarge upon the power distribution and its influence on the decision-making process as well as Mintzberg’s Safari model (1998).

A common technique for strategy-making is scenario planning which can benefit the decision-making process significantly through its application, as it can call the team’s attention to other possible and unexpected outcomes of the process. Thus, it helps broaden the horizon and enables the decision makers to consider different scenarios and be aware of unexpected issues. By the use of such scenario planning techniques or simulation, the group or person in charge of the decision-making can decide on the feasibility of a strategy if the simulation shows a great risk in proceeding…
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