Use Of Social Media As Propaganda

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Looking back to ten years ago, many of us would have never thought technology would have taken off like it did. In order to communicate with others we would have to physically be in there presence or call them from a landline telephone (if available). Today, social media has created several outlet for individuals across the globe to communicate. Sites like YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow users to communicate with each other without having to be physically present. If you are an owner of a smart phone then you are able to message, share photos, and video chat from the palm of your hand.
Besides friends using social media to connect with other friends or families keeping in touch with other relatives who are at a distance, in the recent years, terrorists have taken advantage of social media and used it as a platform to threaten and send jaw dropping messages to some of the most popular outlets across the nation. For this paper, I will examine how terrorists have used social media as propaganda. I will also analyze the trends in media and terrorism, and how it has provided access for the promotion of the violent messages as well as allowing the news of terrorist attacks and assassinations to reach many parts of the world within a matter of minutes.
It is important that we understand why terrorists have turned to social media to spread fear along with recruiting members and supporters. Research has shown that propaganda videos containing terrorist-

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