Use Of Verbal And Non Verbal Elements

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Nicolette Jimenez Dr. Soud English 110 13 November 2014 Read Between the Lines It is very typical among people to forget about the many aspects involved in communication as a whole. Communication is in part the verbal content, but also in part the nonverbal content. It is the nonverbal content, however, that holds the importance of the message and the underlying meaning being translated. But as it is now the 21st century, we have blindly become part of a social media oriented culture. A culture in which we have the unlimited access to any and all social medias at our fingertips. A culture where we have become more connected to our virtually created lives rather than reality itself. We have become accustomed to communicating in a…show more content…
They are believed to be continuous: if you were to stop speaking verbally, the transaction of non-verbals would carry out the conversation themselves. It is often these things that will reveal and give away a person’s true feelings, no matter what they are actually saying; who we are, how we relate to people, and how we feel emotionally. Without the accompaniment of nonverbals, verbal communication alone would be ineffective as they add to or change the meaning of the verbal message. The main goals and functions of nonverbal messages are to convey meaning, modify verbal messages, and to regulate the flow of interaction. Within these goals, there are seven channels for conveying those messages; proxemics, vocalics, kinesics, gaze, facial expression, haptics and chronemics (time). These channels are often used simultaneously in the transmission of the message. Proxemics; the study of interpersonal space and distance, identifies how the use of space can reflect and create power. Different levels of proxemics represent different levels of relationships. Vocalics; not the spoken words themselves but the voice tones and volume may indicate relational information or emotion of the speaker. For instance, when people are trying to make an important point, they might change their tone and pitch of voice to sound more confident and powerful, influencing how the audience perceives them. Kinesics; the body movements and language that
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