Uses And Gratification Theory

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‘’Uses and Gratification’’ is a theory formulated by the professor Elihu Katz in the late 1950’s that analyzes the relationship between media and people in order to examine questions of “how” and “why” individuals use media to satisfy particular needs.
The theoretical framework was released when the commonest view regarding this topic was the Classic view. This view, developed at the beginning of the 20th century, is characterised by the assumption that media are powerful and active tools, capable of strong and uniform effects. Whereas, the public was addressed as passive, defenseless and not able to face media power. On the contrary, Uses and Gratification theory focuses on the audience usage of media and aims to explore the reason why people deliberately use a certain media to fulfill different needs. Differently from the classic view, the perspective of U&G establishes that the audience has power over their media usage.
U&G theory is characterised by five key elements or assumptions; firstly, people use media for their own particular purposes, it means that the audience choose appositely a medium based on their needs and expectations. Therefore the audience is …show more content…

Whereas, the 20 years old male student shows a tendency in checking online news media daily which he use to personally select articles that match his current interests. After the collection of our data, we can deduce that young people are more likely to look at online news sides, consciously choosing the online news media content to which expose themselves and to satisfy their needs at that point of time. On the contrary, we can deduce that older people show a tendency to seek principally for specific information that satisfy their needs but not a as result of

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