Using Digital Information And Technology Safely, Legally, And Ethically

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In the digital world we live in now, one should be responsible and learn how to use digital information and technology safely, legally, and ethically. Why is this so important? For one, there are legal ramifications for inappropriate use of the internet. It is also dangerous. Someone can be “playing” the part of a fellow friend and actually be a predator of some kind. Or someone can steal personal information and one can end up with a whole would of problems. Children need to be helped with learning the ins and outs of internet usage. With the every changing internet and technology, one must be vigilant with their own protection and those that use the internet in their household. Children are most vulnerable to poor internet …show more content…

This FTA rule holds websites to obtain consent from a parent by putting in a parents email and the parent has to respond to it to allow the child permission to use the website. The website is also required to post its privacy policies and cannot request any personal information more than it would need to play a game or enter a contest (Internet Safety, 2015). Children do not realize the dangers they could be in when giving out information freely to online strangers. Giving one’s name and address gives someone online enough information to harass, kidnap, or even hurt a child. Rules need to be established to help a child stay safe on the internet. The FTA helps with the COPPA rule, but parents need to set up rules for children to follow at home.
Websites like and have articles on ideas for rules to present to children when they start to use the internet. Here are a few of the suggestions they provide: Always ask for a parent or guardians permission to give out personal information like phone numbers and address, do not arrange to meet anyone from online, and think before posting online things like pictures or chatting in a chat room [1,2]. When the child is on the internet, the computer needs to be in a high traffic area of the house and not in a room unless you can check on the child frequently. The parents need to set any rules that they see fit for

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