Using Handheld Real Time Ndt Testing

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Improving the efficiency of aircraft maintenance through the use of handheld real time NDT testing Introduction This project will aim to improve the efficiency of maintenance utilising hand held Non-destructive testing (NDT) in unison with 3D mapping software. NDT is a process of inspecting, analysing and evaluating materials or components for imperfections without damaging the component. In the aircraft industry over 80% of all inspections are done by visual checks, not all defects can been perceived by visual methods. (Colin G Drury et al, 2002, p.6) [7] NDT is the most economical way of carrying out inspections. (NDT Net Articles, 2013) [3] It is used to locate flaws and defects on the surface as well as subsurface defects within the material or component. (American Society of Non Destructive Testing, 2016) [1] It is a way to assure serviceability and reliability of the part being tested “NDT plays a critical role in maintenance” (NDT Education Resource Centre, 2014) [5], and why it is used in many different fields such as aircraft, pipelines, building structures and motor vehicles. (NDT and Its Benefits) [2] One of the main advantages is the ability to improve maintenance reliability, reduce time, cost and human error. Project aims and objectives This project will outline ways to combine the benefits of NDT, real time testing of aircraft materials and components with the utilisation of a 3d printer. This project aims to find a way to implement the use of a handheld

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