Using Independent T Test And Chi Square Test Essay

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The study employed independent t-test and chi-square test to make a comparison (to make sure the presence or absence of difference) between the participant and non-participant households. The mean values of continuous variables in the two categories were compared using independent t-test. The result of independent t-test pointed out the presence of a significant mean difference between the two categories in terms of age of household head, total household income, frequency of extension contact and distance to market. The result indicated that the mean age of participant households (44.73 years) was less than the non-participant households (48.59 years). The study also showed that those farmers who were participating in off-farm and non-farm activities had relatively better mean total income than non-participants. The mean value of total household income earned by those farmers who were engaged in off-farm and non-farm employment opportunities was Birr 17103.55, while it was birr 7628.77 for non-participant households. Furthermore, it also indicated that those households who were engaged in off-farm and non-farm employment income generating activities had less frequency of extension contact than those households who were not participants in off-farm and non-farm activities. The mean value of extension contact received by participant households was 12.35 contacts, while it was 17.38 for the non-participant household. Moreover, the finding of the study showed that the mean

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