Using Laptops And Cellphones Seem Like A Good Use Essay

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The use of laptops and cellphones seem like a good use to the students, but are they really? With the use of technology in the classroom student’s grades are seeming to become lower and lower as the days go on. Multitasking while in the classroom has resulted in the lowering of grades of the students. Multitasking with the use of technology such as laptops, and cellphones is not recommended in the classroom- like environments, and affects the brains way of learning.
In the article “Taking on Multitasking” by Jerome L. Rekart research from neuroscience and cognitive psychology are done to see exactly how multitasking creates negative effects on the mind and student learning. While a student is in class and tries taking notes while also on their telephone sending that “quick” text, or has their laptop open in front or to the side of them they have no choice but to have their attention split in half. “… the amount of focused attention for any single task decreases as the number of demands increases. Changes in the amount of attention for tasks are caused by changes within the brain.” (Rekart 61) It is being stated that one may think that they will be able to multitask, but the brains attention decreases as more demands come into the picture causing the student to struggle. Those who multitask in class are more likely to get more distracted even outside of class. A study was done at Stanford University to see if multitasking can actually affect the way a person pays attention

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