Using Population Control to Achieve Environmental Sustainability

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Environmental sustainability is when a person, community or area is able to meet the needs of the present, without compromising the needs of the future. Overconsumption will lead to hardship in the future, and possibly to the destruction of the planet’s finite resources; and if we continue using our resources as at current rates, which have been estimated to be 4 planets worth of resources, this will be inevitable. Populations are all the inhabitants of a specific area/country and this population can be controlled in various methods such as population policies, like the ones in China, Kerala and France; as well as control via migration by putting on limits.

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On the other hand, Canada has a fairly low population density of just 3.75 people per square kilometer and with high resources, Canada is environmentally sustainable; some even say that Canada is under populated and therefore Canada is lenient on in migration.
Similarly to this, Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) had the theory that when population overshoots a certain point (usually food production) there will be catastrophic effects. The club of Rome, in 1968 published a report called the ‘limit of growth’, which stated that population growth will lead to an increase in food demand and this will eventually lead to resource exhaustion, which is obviously not environmentally sustainable. To prevent resource exhaustion, the Club of Rome decided that we have to regulate population growth and reduce fertility- and that is what China’s One Child Policy, and Kerala’s non-enforced population policy was aiming to do. Similarly, the anti-Malthusianist- Ester Boserup was a resource optimist, with research based on studies of shifting cultivation. Her hypothesis was that population growth would result in an increase demand for food and to meet this demand, improved agriculture productivity would be needed. A higher agricultural productivity means an increase in methods of agriculture like the ‘slash and burn’ technique, which often are not environmentally sustainable at all.
All these population / resource theories

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