Why Is Population Control Wrong

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The idea of population control is one that ignites people to talk about and explore. Some countries have implemented population control for quite some time now. There are many attributes that go against the argument, but there are also some potential positives that could come from it. No matter what religion or background people come from, each person has their own view on if population control is right or wrong. Many people choose to see certain positives over the negatives while others look at things the other way around. One of biggest and controversial topics within population control is issues of the environment.
The environmental gain of population control shows that there are many positives to this regulation. With an ever increasing population, scientists are not sure that the earth can provide for the growing population. Humanity has been the sole reason for air pollution and population control is a way to curb that. Because having clean air is one of the basic demands of human health and prosper, having clean air for generations to come is
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If population control were put into place it would limit the diversity and essentially shrink the gene pool. If any population were to be control, the lack of diversity would a main issue of debate. Diversity matters because it means that we value the difference in everyone around us, and not just one type of person. Population control would take that and completely abolish and tell people which kind of person is the right kind of person. Diversity is also a good thing because it gives people a chance to experience different attributes of each other, and broaden their norms. Diversity gives us the opportunity to learn from people who view things differently and population control would suppress that. Diversity teaches us to respect one another and to learn from one another, population control teaches us the
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