Using Social Media For More Than Being Social

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Using Social Media for More than Being Social

As someone who has lived here all of my life, I feel I can confidently say, Florida is a strange place. No, not because extended family in other states think we visit Disney World every weekend or wrestle alligators in our spare time, but for other reasons. For the record, I have not been to Disney since I was about twelve and could not be paid enough to even touch an alligator, but I have seen firsthand just how many strange people are here. Thankfully, there are hundreds of other brilliant people such as famed author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, actor Wesley Snipes, and physicist George Smoot, just to name a few, call Florida home to balance out many of the crazies. You don’t believe me though when I say that there are some strange people who live here? Take a visit to the South Florida Sun Sentinel Newspaper’s “FloriDUH” blog on their website, and see for yourself. Here are two recent noteworthy cases:

- Palm Coast police recently investigated a complaint and found a man at the scene whom they interrogated, and was then blamed for throwing eggs and potatoes at police, after they found an egg in his pocket (Readout, 2015).
- A Lee County teacher was found guilty of DUI after driving his truck into a ditch with an elevated blood alcohol level…all while wearing a t-shirt from the high school where he taught drivers education at that is (Bevis, 2015).

The craziness does not stop with some of the bizarrity and irony…
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