Using The Hersey-Blanchard Model And The Vroom-Jago Model

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Alvis Corporation case (15 points). Refer to the case on pp. 93-94 of the Daft text and answer these questions: - Analyze this situation using the Hersey-Blanchard model and the Vroom-Jago model. What do these models suggest as the appropriate leadership or decision style? Explain. Hersey-Blanchard Model: When we look at the situation, we can see that Kevin should follow the coaching style for moderate readiness followers. If we follow Y theory, all the employees gave realistic reasons for keeping the production standards the same. Their inability to fairly decide on vacation times suggest that they are at a moderate readiness level. His workers need personal support and clarity. Personal support can be given by reporting salary …show more content…

On the topic of leave days, I would simply do the same thing I did in the past. Why? Given that the new machines are lowing the quality of the final product, it’s possible that the company needs to keep the original standards. Changing the standards could result in lower productivity. It’s unlikely that workers will want to do a good job when they are getting paid below industry standards. The USS Florida case (15 points). Refer to the case on pp. 161-162 of the Daft text and answer these questions: - Analyze Alfonso’s impact on the crew in terms of love versus fear. What might account for the fact that he behaved so strongly as captain of the USS Florida? Alfonso lacked military empathy. He thought using fear-based motivation would lead his people to be the best at their jobs. Although it is true that his ship scored higher than any other, his crew did not respect him. His open display of disrespect caused his crew to distance themselves from him. He lacked social awareness. - Which do you think a leader should be more concerned about aboard a nuclear submarine, high certification grades or high-quality interpersonal relationships? Why? A leader should be equally concerned with certification grades and the quality of interpersonal relationships. History has shown us that badly treated crews can rebel against their leaders. Although it is important to keep high certification standards, social risks must be

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