Using Tools For Decision Making

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Using Tools for Decision Making Organizations and its employees have to make decisions on a daily basis. Regardless of the organizational level - from the CEO to the receptionist – at some point in their careers most employees are faced with an organizational or personal dilemma. Whether the situation is personal or professional, individuals should first identify the root cause of the dilemma as part of the decision-making process; verify the real problem before attempting to generate a solution. When confronted with making a decision individuals should not only be prepared to make the decision, but also understand and use the proper decision-making tool or technique in order to make an effective and timely decision. Decision-making tools…show more content…
Even though the employee has an office in the local area, his customers are located in Washington, DC, Quantico, VA, Seattle, WA, and Honolulu, HI, and his URS oversight, to include IT Support, reside in Crane, IN. The employee is the only individual in the local area supporting the aforementioned customers and does not anticipate that his job will be in jeopardy. Nonetheless, outside organizations have knowledge of the company merger, and one organization is using this period of organizational restructuring as an opportunity to recruit the employee. Employee’s Dilemma When the merger between the two companies was first made public, the employee had not entertained the idea of leaving his current place of employment. However, when another company shows interest in an individual’s skillset or work habits it is worth the time to evaluate ones employment options. Contemplating a decision can be an instantaneous or a lengthy process; however, the effectiveness of the decision-making depends on the information available to the decision maker. Prior to making a hasty decision, the employee should take a critical thinking approach to assess the situation, to include reviewing the advantages and risks associated with staying with current employer as well as potential outcome if he decides to seek employment elsewhere. The following topics are just a few things that the employee has to consider during the decision-making
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