Utopia Do Not Work In A Free Society

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In Utopia, Thomas More describes an unrealistic way of life. Utopia’s ideals couldn’t work in real life because the people of Utopia had no freedom. People were told when to do things, they were told what they could eat and what they would wear and couldn’t travel unless they had filled out paperwork. Utopians couldn’t even choose their own job. This was to ensure that no one had less or more and that everything stayed equal. But in America people are free to do whatever they want, whenever they want (provided no law is broken). People from all over the world come to America just to have freedom and to build a life that they choose. Although utopia was a nice idea, it could not work and even though More’s book is peaceful and systemized, people have no choice and to some, that’s not utopia at all. …show more content…

Utopians were expected to work so much that even “If you stay in any place for more than twenty-four hours, you’ll be expected to carry on with your ordinary work-and be welcomed with open arms by the other people who do it there” (More pg. 86). People were expected to always work a trade they had learned and they could never take a vacation or even have a weekend off. In society today, people are encouraged to work, but never forced into a job or made to work every day. In fact, most people who do work only work five days a week and are paid overtime for any extra work. Society is so against More’s idea of work that there are laws against that kind of forced labor and it would be seen as a form of modern

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