Vacation About Vacation

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Have you ever been to Nevada, or Utah? I’ve been and you won’t believe what I did! We went to Las Vegas, Zion Canyon National Park. Then we went to Bryce Canyon, then we went back to Las Vegas for the last three days that would soon end our vacation. Sunday was my parent’s anniversary and they decided to go on a vacation. Monday mom and I drove up to Kansas City to meet Matt and eat lunch.
Tuesday, we had to wake up at 3:30 to get ready and board the Spirit Airline. The flight was 2 hours and 41 minutes. During the flight, we saw mountains, valleys, and lakes. When we arrived in Las Vegas, we went to spend our day at Red Rock Canyon. We went to the visitor center, read about scorpions, mice, and tarantulas. Then we went outside to learn about the Canyon and met a tortoise named Louise. We walked several trails, the Ice Box Trail, Red Rock Wash Overlook. We took several more trails that were easy or moderate.
We drove to Zion Canyon to spend a couple of days there. On our way, we went through a tunnel, that went into a mountain. It was amazing, every minute or so there would be a little window in the rock, where the light came in the tunnel. We took pictures of the sunrise on the rocks. We stayed at the Quality Inn Montclair Hotel. The Springdale shuttles took us to the visitor center, where we waited to board the Park shuttle buses. We stopped at stop number nine, Temple of Sinawava, and walked the Riverside Walk, which was paved and ended where the Narrows began.
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