Vacation In My Life

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“Wow, what a beautiful sunset. “ everybody said excited looking at the sunset while being swallowed by the ocean. We were all sitting in the cold wet sand together enjoying the view as a whole family. “We made a great choice coming to the beach before the sun set” said my dad. We all agreed with him. After looking at the sunset we all went to go eat dinner at a Mexican restaurant because everybody was craving Mexican food. I ordered a burrito with steak and rice inside. My parents both ordered the same thing as always which was steak fajitas. My cousins also got a burrito but they got pulled pork burritos. And my brother and sister got flautas which are tacos but they come in a hard-shell tortilla. After we finished eating, we all headed to my cousin’s place to have a small welcome party because we didn’t have a welcome party the day the we got to California the day that we came. Later we all slept at their place because everybody was really tired and we didn’t want to go find a hotel to stay in so we stayed in my cousin’s place.

This was my second day at California but before I tell you more I have to tell you how we got here. On the 24th of December, we all agreed on going somewhere for winter break so we all decided to go to California. So, on the 25th of December we started to pack everything in the afternoon after we opened our presents. We all started packing everything that we will need for a whole week because we really wanted to go visit every place that people

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