Descriptive Vacation

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I was greeted by the shining yellow sun pouring in through the window and the smell of breakfast coming through the door and entering my bedroom. I get up and get dressed for the best vacation I was going to. I was planning on making big memories while on the trip. I walk into the kitchen and see my mom cooking.
“¿Qué quieres de comer?” says my mom. (“What do you want to eat?”).
I respond to her by saying, “Pancakes please.”
She then hands me a stack of pancakes. While sitting at the table I notice a toy alligator on it. I grab the alligator and examine it. I then think in my head, Where did one of my brothers get this? One by one, each one of my family members gets up and goes to the table to eat breakfast. Everyone greets each other and says “good morning.” My family then starts to eat quickty so that we don't miss our flight. After I finish eating I put the toy alligator back on the table. After we finish breakfast we all grab our bags with our clothes inside and grab all of the essentials that we need. We then put our suitcases in the back of the car and file in the car. We drive all the way to Chicago and look at all the skyrocketing buildings. Then we go to meet with our grandparents.
“¿Estás listo para tus vacaciones?” (“Are you ready for your vacations?”)Says both of my grandparents.
“Si, estoy listo para mis vacaciones pero no se a donde vamos.” (Yes, I am ready for my vacation but I don’t know where we are going.”) I say.
My family then talks with our grandparents

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