Vaccinations Should Be Mandatory Vaccinations Essay

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“If everything is God 's will, then so is the invention of the vaccine, just like the seatbelt.”-Els Borst. This is relevant because if vaccinations were not an effective medical advancement, then they would not have ever been created or used. Vaccinations should be required by governments for the well being of everyone, with the exception of religious obligation. A resistance to vaccine requirements is that some people think vaccinations are propaganda from the government as some sort of money maker or poison. Also, most do not realize that refusing vaccinations for themselves or their children affects more than just that specific person. The key to acceptance of government required vaccinations is good information. People need more information so they know what vaccinations are and what they do. The more educated the general public is on the matter, the more likely they will be willing to support these government mandates. The definition for vaccine is “a substance that is usually injected into a person or animal to protect against a particular disease.”("Vaccine,"). Vaccinations are meant to help the body become immune, or build up antibodies against a certain type of disease. If the government is to make vaccinations a requirement, as they should be, there will need to be a better job done of informing the public on exactly what vaccines are, and what they do. This task would have to be done in a way that the general population will not feel
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