Vaccine Effectiveness Of The Shingles Vaccine Essay

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The shingles vaccine has been available in the United States since 2006 and is an effective method in preventing individuals, especially those aged 60 years or older, from developing a herpes zoster infection1. However, even though immunization is a relatively easy prevention method, many older adults are not receiving the shingles vaccine. Though some individuals may choose to not be vaccinated for personal or religious reasons, other barriers do exist. Limited physician education of the national recommendations and vaccine effectiveness has resulted in less than 25% of eligible older adults receiving the herpes zoster vaccine as of 20152. Lack of proper storage capabilities has also limited many clinics from carrying the vaccine. The shingles vaccine must be stored frozen and administered within thirty minutes, which is not always feasible for primary care or community-based clinics3. Luckily, public health professionals have been focusing on shingles vaccination among older adults and some interventions have emerged with the goal to increase its uptake. One intervention strategy in particular aims to improve immunization rates by addressing lack of education and support. This program team utilized a team approach combined with educational opportunities, focusing specifically on primary care settings4. Gannon, et. al. (2012) explored this team approach in their study involving 17 primary care practices who were recruited from the ACP quality and practice

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