Vaccines And Its Effects On Children

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Vaccines Debates have risen lately whether or not to vaccinate children. Although vaccines potentially cause negative side effects, they are a common procedure for most families each year. Over time, several case studies have developed highlighting these side effects and raised concern about whether or not to accept vaccines. However, many people are not familiar with the typical vaccine and what it actually does once inside the body. “A vaccine is consisted of killed or weakened versions of a disease-causing microorganism or an antigen that is similar to but less dangerous than the disease antigen” (Donatelle 415). Vaccines are given to an individual through an injection or orally. Some individuals prefer orally, because the fear of needles is common. But the main goal is to make sure it’s received. “The vaccine stimulates the individual’s immune system to produce antibodies against attacks that may occur in the future”(Donatelle 415). Once the vaccine hits the immune system, it is less likely for that person to receive the virus. Vaccines are a very productive way to not allow the virus to attack an individual. But, as a community we have not always had this option. The history of vaccines began centuries ago. But it did not start with the founding of the first vaccine. “Edward Jenner’s discovered the use of material from cowpox pustules to give an individual protection against smallpox “ (“History of Vaccines”). This smallpox fathom provoked protection from many other
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