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Value Alignment for Coca-Cola BUS/475 Value Alignment for Coca-Cola The Origin and Evolution of Coca-Cola’s Workplace Values In May 1886 as a one man business in Atlanta, GA, Dr. John Pemberton, a Pharmacist who created the noncarbonated drink as medicine used as a medical elixir, nerve, and brain tonic during the origin(s) and subsequent evolution of Coca-cola started. Later carbonated dihydrogen monoxide was integrated into the drink presently known as Coca-Cola. Robert Goizueta is the current operator of Coca-Cola, thinks that without people the company would not be victorious. Coca-Cola believes that employees and bellwethers in the company will live their personal and workplace values. Diversity is the heart of the company and…show more content…
The values of Coca-Cola include the set mission, which consist of creativity, inspiration, act with urgency, consumer satisfaction, the brand to promote happiness, and the ability to refresh the world that will make a difference. Meanwhile, the Coca-Cola organization’s values drive the company to remain competitive and take a leadership position that properly meets the needs of the consumer in the marketplace. Nonetheless, the organization understands the importance to be a vital community citizen and remain responsible for its actions. Value Alignment between Individuals and Coca-Cola Coca-Cola makes a concerted effort to align the values of their organization with both their employees and customers. This alignment of values is evident in the company’s shared-value approach to doing business. This approach is intended “to appeal to consumers and stakeholders who increasingly judge companies and brands as much on the content of their character as the quality of goods and services they produce and market,” (“Coca-Cola focuses on ‘shared value’,”2012, para. 1). The organization is

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